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More Germination

written by Adam Montri on 18-Feb-11 17:18

We are looking for some of that sunshine from last week and early this week to find it's way in tomorrow!  The soil temp seems to be hovering between 40 and 50F but on sunny days has been up to 55F earlier this week.  Air temperatures were near 65 yesterday morning when the sun was shining.

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Germination already

written by Adam Montri on 17-Feb-11 08:46

Thanks to everyone who has already put up their hoophouses/farms on the map.  Let's keep 'em coming!

After seeding last Thursday some of the baby spinach has germinated and emerged which is really fast for this time of year.  I'm going to stick a thermomoter in the soil later today and see what the temp is.&

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Get to Seeding!

written by Adam Montri on 14-Feb-11 13:31

For those of you south of MI you've probably started seeding for spring production, but for us in the North we're just getting long enough days and, in the past three or four days, plenty of sunshine.  While that means somewhere between damp and flooded basements for those of us in old farmhouses (Boo!), it also means se

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