Hoop House Blog MSU Hoop House 2010-06-05T15:38:30Z Ditto 2.0 running on MODx Sowing Spring Crops Adam Montri 2014-02-15T09:07:17Z 2014-02-15T09:06:44Z

It’s been a long winter, with cold, snow and a polar vortex or two for good measure.

Last call for seeding spinach Adam Montri 2013-10-16T09:01:15Z 2013-10-16T08:57:57Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Technically yesterday, October 15th was the last day for seeding spinach in the hoophouse this fall in order to have a fall harvest.

Step by Step Bed Prep Adam Montri 2013-10-11T09:49:13Z 2013-10-11T09:45:36Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Here in Michigan we are getting close to the last date, October 15th, to plant spinach and salad mix for the year (if we expect harvestab

Gallons of compost between hoophouse seasons Adam Montri 2013-09-25T08:50:53Z 2013-09-25T08:40:54Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

As the hoophouses are being transitioned to new fall crops across the state, it is a great time to think about adding some organi

To pull the tomatoes or not? Adam Montri 2013-10-25T17:00:05Z 2013-09-17T10:48:25Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Fall is a busy time of year in the hoophouse.

Wintergreen Farm Working to Build a Food Hub in the Western Upper Peninsula Adam Montri 2013-09-25T10:08:36Z 2013-09-12T08:29:30Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

A few weeks ago I went to the Upper Peninsula to visit a few of the farmers that we work with up there.

Calculating Sales Efficiency Adam Montri 2013-09-25T10:09:39Z 2013-08-21T11:29:57Z

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

Since we have talked about sales efficiency in the past (here) , it seems fitting

An alternative irrigation system Adam Montri 2013-09-25T10:10:08Z 2013-08-13T09:42:33Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

At our home farm we used the materials we had on hand to build an irrigation system to

Seed Ordering for Fall Hoophouse Crops Adam Montri 2013-07-31T19:07:45Z 2013-07-30T13:26:29Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

The beginning of August is rolling around it’s time to start thinking about ordering seeds for fall.  Planting

Hoophouse Carrots and Scallions Adam Montri 2013-09-25T10:11:56Z 2013-07-30T12:35:52Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn


Just last week we had a first good sized harvest off from our tomato plants in the hoophouse.

Altering seeder settings to sow sunflowers Adam Montri 2013-07-30T07:19:19Z 2013-07-29T09:53:45Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Today I wanted to talk a bit about our experience at home with modifying our seeder to plant sunflower seeds.

Building customer loyalty by offering free samples Adam Montri 2013-07-29T10:48:25Z 2013-07-29T09:11:06Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Some hoophouse grown items are likely to be unfamiliar to your target audience (e.g. farmers market patrons).

Michigan Hoop Tomatoes Adam Montri 2013-07-08T13:03:54Z 2013-07-08T12:47:14Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Hoophouse tomatoes across the state have been inching closer to harvest.

Making produce easy to shop for and purchase Adam Montri 2013-07-03T13:23:10Z 2013-07-03T11:29:19Z

Marketing Tips for Hoophouse Produce - Tip of the week

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

As you prepare your stand at market each week, think careful

Hoophouses for Health Adam Montri 2013-06-26T09:34:32Z 2013-06-26T09:31:43Z

Does the growing demand for fresh fruit and vegetables have you considering season extension techniques such as hoophouses to help you increase your production?

Photo of a hoophouse funded throu

Hoop Build at Green Mitten Farm Adam Montri 2013-05-29T11:50:13Z 2013-05-29T11:40:18Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

At my own farm we recently finished rebuilding the used hoophouse.  Last fall we took down the 18’ x 200’ hoophouse and moved it.

Planting Cherry Tomatoes Adam Montri 2013-05-23T10:43:03Z 2013-05-23T10:38:44Z

Last week we went to Gladwin, MI for a hoophouse site visit. During the site visit we planted a few beds of tomatoes with the farmer.

Hoophouse build in Menominee Adam Montri 2013-05-22T15:45:01Z 2013-05-22T15:37:00Z


We just got back from a hoophouse training build in Menominee, MI.

Farm visits in Michigan's thumb Adam Montri 2013-04-22T16:18:10Z 2013-04-22T16:17:22Z

Photos from some farm visits 

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

A few weeks ago we took a trip to visit some

Squaring up the hoophouse site Adam Montri 2013-04-08T16:30:25Z 2013-04-08T16:22:32Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

This past weekend at my own farm we squared u

Link to neat building plans for a DIY wash/pack area Adam Montri 2013-04-04T15:15:34Z 2013-04-04T15:11:03Z

Link to plans for wash pack systems from Iowa State's Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

While we wait for spring to decide when it's going to arrive here in Michigan, t

The Student Organic Farm in March Adam Montri 2013-03-29T09:53:48Z 2013-03-29T09:51:59Z

A peak at what March looks like at the MSU Student Organic Farm

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Here are some photos from a look around the student farm yesterday.

Waiting for the snow to melt Adam Montri 2013-04-04T16:25:21Z 2013-03-19T11:47:57Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

From talking to a few farmers it has been a slow to start spring due to the lack of sunny days.  Most of the late February direct seeded crops are just starting to germinate in the past week or so. Since not too much is go

March in the hoophouse Adam Montri 2013-03-11T11:14:32Z 2013-03-11T11:09:57Z


Head Lettuce in a hoophouse at the Student Organic Farm (photo taken in Late March of 2012)

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Here in Michigan we had

Upcoming webinar for U.P. farmers Adam Montri 2013-03-11T09:49:22Z 2013-03-11T09:48:44Z

For those located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, this webinar might be of interest to you:


Report from the Hoophouse: Rainbows End Farm Adam Montri 2013-02-28T12:02:02Z 2013-02-28T11:05:17Z


An interview with

Link to article on the Hoophouses for Health Program Adam Montri 2013-02-26T15:16:29Z 2013-02-26T12:50:01Z

The Hoophouses for Health Loan Program was recently featured in an online article written by GRIT magazine.

Time for transplanting & seeding Adam Montri 2013-02-26T10:07:14Z 2013-02-26T10:01:49Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

With the end of February upon us, it’s time to get started with filling up the hoophouses again with a new round of cool season crops.  Last weekend I transplanted out some spinach into the hoophouse at home.

Snowfall & hoophouses Adam Montri 2013-02-22T14:07:09Z 2013-02-22T10:51:10Z

2/22/13  Two tips for when to start shoveling.

Annual hoophouse transplant production Adam Montri 2013-02-21T13:01:34Z 2013-02-21T12:32:56Z

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

Hoophouse production can often by heavily reliant on transplant production.

Starting tomatoes and ideas for growing transplants Adam Montri 2013-02-28T09:15:56Z 2013-02-21T10:40:21Z

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

February 21, 2013

Today is the day that tomatoes can be started for the hoophouse summer production.

"Farminar" of interest Adam Montri 2013-02-20T12:40:13Z 2013-02-20T12:34:42Z

If you haven't found the time to make it to a conference this year, fear not, the internet has a wealth of information and webinars that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home.

Practical farmers of Iowa is an organization of farmers/supporters out in Iowa.

Tomato Variety Trials done at University of New Hampshire Adam Montri 2013-02-19T11:46:02Z 2013-02-19T10:49:01Z

February 21st is the date to start tomato transplants.

Endwall options for hoophouses Adam Montri 2013-01-25T12:11:47Z 2013-01-25T11:25:05Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Adding to the post yesterday about baseboard options, today it seems fitting to talk about endwall options for hoophouses.

Hoophouse Baseboard Options Adam Montri 2013-01-24T12:21:50Z 2013-01-24T12:21:20Z

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

With lows close to zero the past few days I hope everyone is staying warm.

A New Year of Record Keeping Adam Montri 2013-01-23T15:48:46Z 2013-01-17T12:13:01Z

January 23, 2013

A New Year of Record Keeping-The first four steps to taking better records start before even sharpening your pencil

Written By Laura Haselhuhn


With a new year comes a new chance to get started with keeping records.  If your New Year’s resolution has anythi

January in the hoophouse Adam Montri 2013-01-14T07:06:55Z 2013-01-14T07:04:22Z

Photo credit: Adam Montri

January in the hoophouse-Gearing up for a new year of farming

Great Lakes EXPO wrap up Adam Montri 2012-12-10T12:05:58Z 2012-12-10T12:02:16Z

I’m back from Great Lakes Fruit & Vegetable, with a grocery tote full of brochures of information and seed catalogs.  The Expo was great, I had a chance to talk to some of the farmers that we work with, and of course I went to some very informative sessions-a session on effective use of social media and a pa

Farm visit, aphids, hoophouse rain catchment systems Adam Montri 2012-12-06T12:59:57Z 2012-12-06T12:58:25Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Two weeks ago we visited Kelly Vallelunga at Long Valley Farm near Kalamazoo.  She recently added a 30’x 96’ hoophouse to he

Farm visit & Winter crop schedule Adam Montri 2012-12-03T11:44:28Z 2012-12-03T11:44:11Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Two weeks ago we visited Koelbel Farm.  Herman has been growing food for his family for most of his life.

Next week is Great Lakes EXPO Adam Montri 2012-11-29T12:41:51Z 2012-11-29T12:40:04Z

Next week Adam and I are headed out of the office.  Adam is speaking at a farmer to farmer session on Vermont on growing greens in hoophouses, which sounds very interesting.  

I'm going to be at Great Lakes EXPO moderating the Hoophouses & Tunnels session.

Carrot Harvest Adam Montri 2012-11-29T12:11:13Z 2012-11-29T12:01:32Z

Freshly harvested carrots from the hoophouse

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Hopefully everyone has had a nice holiday!  On Thanksgiving morning we harvested the first

Upcoming webinar of interest Adam Montri 2012-11-16T15:44:18Z 2012-11-16T15:43:45Z

As we head into the next week, if you have some time in the evening on Tuesday November 20th, you might consider registering for the Practical Farmers of Iowa Annual High Tunnel Farminar.  This year the presenters are Paul and Alison Wiediger (Au Naturel Farm), and Sara Hanson (Prairie Sky Farm).

New resource on Mid Sized Tunnels from The Ohio State University Adam Montri 2012-11-14T14:11:24Z 2012-11-14T13:52:38Z

If you are interested in building some "Mid" Sized Tunnels for your farm, before you begin you might want to check out the Mid Sized Tunnel Tutorial.  The tutorial is titled: "A Pictoral Guide to Preparing and Installing Gothic Framed, Outdoor Winter Ready Mid Tunnels". Dr.

Almost done with hoophouse tear down Adam Montri 2012-11-02T11:40:04Z 2012-11-02T11:13:20Z

Trials and tribulations of buying a used hoophouse.

Written By Laura Haselhuhn


This evening I’m headed over to hopefully finish the hoophouse

Friday Farm Visits Adam Montri 2012-11-01T11:23:23Z 2012-11-01T11:20:06Z

Last Friday was a chilly day, with promises of snow on Saturday.

November in the hoophouse Adam Montri 2012-10-31T11:42:12Z 2012-10-31T11:10:57Z

Things to think about doing in the month of November

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Yesterday was a blustery day, hail smattering the windows and gusts of winds up to 40 mph, some parts of Michigan had lost power, supposedly some residual weather from Hurricane Sandy that hit the northeast coas

Hoophouse site selection Adam Montri 2012-10-30T12:51:53Z 2012-10-30T12:22:32Z


Potential Site (site one) in early summer.

Last Saturday I was at my farm working on site selection and site preparation for the “new” used hoophouse.  Th

Herbs in the hoophouse Adam Montri 2012-10-29T13:03:54Z 2012-10-24T12:06:07Z

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

 Two weeks ago my colleague Brendan Sinclair gave me a tour of the Bailey GREENhouse here on the MSU campus.

Covering Albion's Hoophouse Adam Montri 2012-10-24T10:16:35Z 2012-10-24T10:05:27Z

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

It was a great Friday last week, we were out at Albion helping them cover their hoophouse.

Winter irrigation and hoophouse updates Adam Montri 2012-10-17T16:25:00Z 2012-10-17T16:18:31Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

We've gotten a few questions from farmers about different topics this week, I'll try to address one of the questions here:

How much should I plan on watering during the winter months and what tips should I k

Hoophouse news articles Adam Montri 2012-10-17T16:24:42Z 2012-10-17T15:49:04Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

This week has been a great week, some great questions have been asked. I have also been able to spend most of the time so far going through farmer records from the loan programs.

Used Hoophouse Tear Down Adam Montri 2012-10-11T10:38:55Z 2012-10-11T10:37:43Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Last Sunday we began taking down the used hoophouse to be loaded onto a trailer and driven north to my farm.  We’ll then reassemble it

Harvesting Lettuce YouTube Video made by Flying Pond Farm Adam Montri 2012-10-11T09:49:55Z 2012-10-10T10:03:35Z

This week on the high tunnel listserv a farmer posted a very cool and helpful video that he made on harvesting lettuce.

Check out the link here:


The start of a new hoophouse Adam Montri 2012-10-09T08:08:49Z 2012-10-08T12:31:58Z


Written By Laura Haselhuhn

Well blog readers, I do have some exciting news to share with you, we are adding a large hoophouse to my family’s farm!  In pas

Marketing and Selling Costs Part 2 Adam Montri 2012-10-05T16:19:12Z 2012-10-05T16:01:35Z

Calculating how much you need to sell in order to reach break even sales through a particular outlet

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Adam Montri 2012-10-05T16:13:23Z 2012-10-05T15:23:55Z

Determining the cost to sell through a particular selling outlet

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Now is the

Hoophouses in October Adam Montri 2012-09-28T14:09:48Z 2012-09-28T14:06:40Z

Hoophouses in October-Things to think about accomplishing in October

 Written By Laura Haselhuhn

October brings cooler weather, decreasing daylight hours, crisp fall air and last minute harvests of field grown crops.  October is also the time of year to acco

Hoophouse Workshop Series Wrap-up Adam Montri 2012-09-27T09:55:40Z 2012-09-27T09:54:05Z

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

Over the course of the summer we’ve had eight workshops in our summer Hoophouse Workshop Series.

Estimating Revenue from Cool Season Crops Adam Montri 2012-09-11T15:42:21Z 2012-09-11T15:39:56Z

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

Wondering which crops to grow this year in the hoophouse, or the right spacing for each crop?  Be sure to check out the new resource: Adam Montri 2012-09-04T12:10:15Z 2012-09-04T11:53:37Z

MSU Organic Fruit High Tunnel Twilight Tour Adam Montri 2012-08-30T13:25:31Z 2012-08-30T13:25:31Z

Be sure to mark your calendars to sign up for the MSU Organic Fruit High Twilight Tunnel Tour.  

MSU professors will be leading an evening tour of the three season high tunnels.

Time for Fall Crops Adam Montri 2012-08-28T13:29:39Z 2012-08-28T12:49:33Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Where did summer go? Well it’s too late to spend time thinking about that.

Hoophouse Build near Traverse City Adam Montri 2012-08-02T14:24:19Z 2012-08-02T14:20:28Z

Hoophouse Build near Traverse City

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Two weeks a

New hoophouse just built next to Bailey Hall on MSU campus Adam Montri 2012-07-13T08:16:50Z 2012-07-13T08:14:52Z

Check out this article on the new hoophouse that just went up next to Bailey Hall on the MSU campus.  This hoophouse will provide fresh vegetables for the Brody complex cafeteria.  In turn the food scraps from the cafeteria will be made into compost to be used in the hoophouse.

Summer Hoophouse Workshop Series Halfway Through Recap Adam Montri 2012-07-12T10:15:07Z 2012-07-12T10:12:51Z

Summer Hoophouse Workshop Series Halfway Through Recap

Written By Laura Haselhuhn


We are exactly half-way through the summer hoophouse workshop series and the work

A New Round Opens for the Hoophouse Loan Program Adam Montri 2013-01-15T13:00:42Z 2012-07-11T12:33:20Z

July 11, 2012

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Applications are once again open for the Center for Regional Food Systems Hoophouse Loan Program.  This time th

Hoophouse Bed Layout Adam Montri 2012-07-09T10:40:04Z 2012-07-09T10:16:05Z


Increase profitability by maximizing square feet in production

Written by Laura Haselhuhn


Cut Flowers in the Hoophouse Adam Montri 2012-07-06T10:03:18Z 2012-07-06T10:00:35Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Growing & selling cut flowers from the hoophouse offers numerous advantages especially for those who direct market their products through farmer

A New Hoophouse in Lansing Adam Montri 2012-07-05T14:04:59Z 2012-07-05T14:02:12Z

Be sure to check out this article on the recently built 30'x 48' hoophouse at Urbandale Farm in Lansing, Michigan.

Managing Soil Fertility in the Hoophouse Adam Montri 2012-07-05T11:20:47Z 2012-07-05T11:14:29Z

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

Hoophouse summer crops are in full swing now & many farmers are getting their first tomatoes to market these past few weeks.

A Low Cost Season Extension Option Adam Montri 2012-06-15T15:15:48Z 2012-06-15T15:00:45Z

A Low Cost Season Extension Option:

Written By: Laura Haselhuhn

Here is one option that cost about $100 to build:


Low cost season extension options are great to consider

Report from the Hoophouse - Paradise Farms Adam Montri 2012-05-04T19:28:00Z 2012-05-02T10:29:49Z

Report from the hoophouse

An interview with a local hoophouse farmer

Written by Laura Haselhuhn, Photos by Lisa

Hoophouse Build at Maple Leaf Farm Adam Montri 2012-04-23T13:00:44Z 2012-04-23T12:58:40Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Looking for a quick way to attach purlins to a hoophouse?  Here’s an idea that we

Organic Fruit Production in multi-bay High Tunnels Research Videos Posted Adam Montri 2012-04-23T10:03:18Z 2012-04-23T09:57:11Z

Organic raspberry high tunnel project, photo by Ben Gluck 

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Two new

Almost Tomato Time! Adam Montri 2012-04-12T15:00:19Z 2012-04-12T14:57:39Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

April 15th is the date to plant out pepper and tomato transplants into the hoophouses.  Transplants should be about 6-8 weeks old when they are transplanted out.

A look around the MSU Student Organic Farm Adam Montri 2012-03-26T14:56:36Z 2012-03-26T14:54:33Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn, Photos: Laura Haselhuhn

Here are some photos from a visit to the MSU Student Organic Farm I made last week.

Hoophouse Depreciation in 7 easy steps! Adam Montri 2012-03-17T16:00:06Z 2012-03-17T15:52:43Z

By Laura Haselhuhn

This blog post will explain depreciation and how to use it for decision making and comparing crop profitability in just seven easy steps.

Depreciation is spreading t

Cucumbers in the Hoophouse Adam Montri 2012-04-24T10:06:01Z 2012-03-13T11:22:44Z

A Summer Hoophouse Crop Worth Considering

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Cucumbers are an excellent choice to consider for a summer hoophouse crop.  Cucumbers are a quick crop, and their timing fits very well with a crop schedule that has 3 crops in the hoophouse each year.

Hoophouse Map Adam Montri 2012-03-09T16:15:22Z 2012-03-09T16:14:33Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Let's keep the hoophouse map filling up, we are at 28, let's make it to 30 hoophouses!  The website has be

Marketing Tips For Hoophouse Produce Adam Montri 2012-03-09T16:10:38Z 2012-03-09T16:03:54Z

Written by: Laura Haselhuhn, Photo Credit: Laura Haselhuhn

Can you believe that in a few short months we'll be harvesting tomatoes in the hoophouse? It's been a mild winter here in Michigan, and

Setting Prices for Hoophouse Produce Adam Montri 2012-03-09T16:27:14Z 2012-03-08T13:56:42Z

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

How does a farm determine prices to charge for hoophouse produce?

Determining what price to charge for each crop is one of the most important aspects of running a farm as a business.

Hoophouse Visits Adam Montri 2012-03-09T16:26:34Z 2012-03-06T09:39:56Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn, Photos taken by Laura Haselhuhn

Work took us to two farms this past Friday.  The first located outside of Kalamazoo, unfortunately I left my camera in the car, so I’ll do my best to describe what was growing on. 

The farm had multiple hoophouses, one was in a cover

Moving the Movable Hoophouse Adam Montri 2012-03-09T16:23:26Z 2012-02-22T12:41:19Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn, Photo Credit: Laura Haselhuhn

Moving the Movable House

A few tips and tricks to get the house to move

The movable hoophouses have g

Let's get started on some transplanting! Adam Montri 2012-03-09T16:25:46Z 2012-02-17T12:39:23Z


Written by Laura Haselhuhn, Photo Credits: Laura Haselhuhn

Perhaps this warm sunny day has you daydreaming about spring growing and warmer weather.

Hoophouse Loan Program Information Posted Adam Montri 2012-09-28T14:18:49Z 2012-02-16T15:20:12Z

Written by Laura Haselhuhn, Photo Credit: Laura Haselhuhn

Are you hoping to add a hoophouse (or additional houses) to your current agricultural operations?  

Here's some information about

Prepping beds for the next crop Adam Montri 2012-03-09T16:25:06Z 2012-02-13T11:54:48Z

Tools commonly used for prepping beds: the broadfork, the rake and the three tine claw.

Written by Laura Haselhuhn, Photo Credit: San

On Farm Field Day: Winter Hoophouse Production-Lapeer, MI Adam Montri 2012-01-31T13:15:16Z 2012-01-30T11:28:37Z
Highlights from our On-Farm-Field Day Event
First Harvest from 2011 Plantings this week Adam Montri 2011-05-09T09:01:44Z 2011-03-29T16:03:31Z

We are planning our first harvests from the 2011 plantings for Thursday of this week.  While we have been harvesting overwintered spinach for almost a month now, we will be harvesting spicy salad mix (red and green oakleaf lettuce, red russian kale, mizuna, red giant mustard, and arugula) that was planted on February 9th

Projected First Harvest from 2011 Planting Adam Montri 2011-05-09T09:01:33Z 2011-03-14T15:49:41Z

All the crops that were seeded in early February are up and growing with most of them having at least one set of true leaves.  The pea trellis is in place and they should be getting close to grabbing on in about a week or so.  The radishes are plugging forward and baby spinach has two sets of true leaves on some of

More Germination Adam Montri 2011-05-09T09:02:08Z 2011-02-18T17:18:55Z

We are looking for some of that sunshine from last week and early this week to find it's way in tomorrow!  The soil temp seems to be hovering between 40 and 50F but on sunny days has been up to 55F earlier this week.  Air temperatures were near 65 yesterday morning when the sun was shining.

Germination already Adam Montri 2011-05-09T09:02:36Z 2011-02-17T08:46:31Z

Thanks to everyone who has already put up their hoophouses/farms on the map.  Let's keep 'em coming!

After seeding last Thursday some of the baby spinach has germinated and emerged which is really fast for this time of year.  I'm going to stick a thermomoter in the soil later today and see what the temp is.&

Get to Seeding! Adam Montri 2011-05-09T09:02:56Z 2011-02-14T13:31:49Z

For those of you south of MI you've probably started seeding for spring production, but for us in the North we're just getting long enough days and, in the past three or four days, plenty of sunshine.  While that means somewhere between damp and flooded basements for those of us in old farmhouses (Boo!), it also means se

Munising Hoophouse News Story Adam Montri 2010-04-08T19:47:21Z 2010-04-08T19:47:21Z
NRCS Contact Made Adam Montri 2010-02-02T00:55:19Z 2010-02-02T00:55:19Z
Alright, so we've got an email back from NRCS that there is no current district conservationist in our county right now. Next steps are to figure out who we need to talk to in another county to find the paperwork, etc. to keep moving this forward.
Michigan added to USDA NRCS Hoophouse Pilot Project Adam Montri 2010-01-26T01:53:56Z 2010-01-26T01:53:56Z
As you may know, the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) has added hoophouses as an eligible practice under the EQIP program. 38 states had enrolled in the program, but Michigan was not one of them. But, a few weeks ago, Michigan NRCS decided that they would be a part of this program.
Ordering Seed Adam Montri 2010-01-11T02:05:28Z 2010-01-11T02:05:28Z
We spend a lot of time talking and answering questions about ordering seed. These include where to find seeds, which crops and cultivars to grow, and how much seed to order. These can all be tricky to figure out, but let's tackle them one at a time.
Prepping Beds Adam Montri 2010-09-27T20:39:24Z 2010-01-06T02:10:52Z

Below is a picture of a recently prepped (right) and a to-be prepped (left) bed. These had carrots in them that have already been harvested out this winter and tomatoes before that.

Happy New Year...Now Let's Get That Hoophouse Ready to Plant Adam Montri 2010-01-05T02:48:29Z 2010-01-05T02:48:29Z
So it's another New Year and I'm sure a lot of us have made the resolution we make every year about the farm.
Mr. Rogers "Just Say No!" Program Build Adam Montri 2009-10-23T02:51:04Z 2009-10-23T02:51:04Z
After the Burton Township Zoning Board of Appeals granted us a variance on Thursday night we've been busy building away on a 30 X 96ft hoophouse in Burton, MI (just outside Flint). Thanks to everyone who came to show their support at the meeting and also to the zoning board for the variance, questions, and comments.
Great Hoophouse Resource Adam Montri 2009-10-14T02:55:08Z 2009-10-14T02:55:08Z
As we all work on hoophouse stuff around the country we try to really promote what others are doing and to not duplicate the work that has already been done. Check out the link below for a High Tunnels Manual from our friends at the University of Vermont Center for Sustainable Agriculture.
Back from the Summer Adam Montri 2009-10-13T03:04:58Z 2009-10-13T03:04:58Z
Wow! It's been a while since any posts were on here and it seems like for those of us in the North that we never really got a summer at all this year. On top of the cold temperatures we also had lots of rain, which meant late blight for the us in Michigan and across the Northeast too.
A Small Detour for a Question Adam Montri 2010-09-27T20:43:55Z 2009-05-29T03:09:31Z

I'm back from helping Marty and Michelle build the frame of their hoophouse at Birch Point Farm in Traverse City, MI and am always amazed how much the site changes on the first day of the build.

Construction Junction - Part 1 (Length and Width Decisions) Adam Montri 2010-09-27T20:46:48Z 2009-05-15T03:12:26Z

Now that the (really) cold weather is behind us and the ground has softened, the phone seems to be constantly ringing with construction questions.

What We're Planting Adam Montri 2009-05-04T03:14:40Z 2009-05-04T03:14:40Z
There's most likely a linear way that makes sense to run through these postings from site selection and preparation, to choosing and building a structure, to crop selection and management, onto harvesting, postharvesting, and marketing. While we'll get to all those in the future I don't always think in that linear way.
As Good A Time As Any Adam Montri 2009-04-22T03:17:52Z 2009-04-22T03:17:52Z
It seems as good a time as any to kick this blog off. If you haven't checked out the <About> tab just click on it in the top right corner to see what this is all about.