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A look around the MSU Student Organic Farm

Written by Laura Haselhuhn, Photos: Laura Haselhuhn

Here are some photos from a visit to the MSU Student Organic Farm I made last week. There are many great things going on at the farm at this time of year so I will just post a few of the best ones.  Since it was so warm out, the roll up sides were up and shutters and doors were open on most (if not all) of the houses.  

Here's a look into a house that has some salad mix, leaf lettuce and spinach. 

A photo of some bulls blood beet, planted around 10/20.  It's been harvested throughout the winter months.

A variety bed with greens, planted on 2/7/12.

Dense plantings of spinach.

Swiss Chard. My personal favorite.

Kale that has been harvested quite a few times, (as you can see from the stalks).

Soon the houses will be ready for a transition into the summer crops such as tomato, cucumber, basil, colored pepper, etc.  

Happy Hoophouse Farming!


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