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Link to neat building plans for a DIY wash/pack area

written by Adam Montri on 04-Apr-13 15:11

Link to plans for wash pack systems from Iowa State's Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture

While we wait for spring to decide when it's going to arrive here in Michigan, there may be some time to

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The Student Organic Farm in March

written by Adam Montri on 29-Mar-13 09:51

A peak at what March looks like at the MSU Student Organic Farm

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Here are some photos from a look around the student farm yesterday.

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Waiting for the snow to melt

written by Adam Montri on 19-Mar-13 11:47

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

From talking to a few farmers it has been a slow to start spring due to the lack of sunny days.  Most of the late February direct seeded crops are just starting to germinate in the past week or so. Since not too much is go

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March in the hoophouse

written by Adam Montri on 11-Mar-13 11:09


Head Lettuce in a hoophouse at the Student Organic Farm (photo taken in Late March of 2012)

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Here in Michigan we had temps in the 50s yesterd

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Upcoming webinar for U.P. farmers

written by Adam Montri on 11-Mar-13 09:48

For those located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, this webinar might be of interest to you:


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Report from the Hoophouse: Rainbows End Farm

written by Adam Montri on 28-Feb-13 11:05


An interview with a lo

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Link to article on the Hoophouses for Health Program

written by Adam Montri on 26-Feb-13 12:50

The Hoophouses for Health Loan Program was recently featured in an online article written by GRIT magazine.

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Time for transplanting & seeding

written by Adam Montri on 26-Feb-13 10:01

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

With the end of February upon us, it’s time to get started with filling up the hoophouses again with a new round of cool season crops.  Last weekend I transplanted out some spinach into the hoophouse at home.

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Snowfall & hoophouses

written by Adam Montri on 22-Feb-13 10:51

2/22/13  Two tips for when to start shoveling.

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Annual hoophouse transplant production

written by Adam Montri on 21-Feb-13 12:32

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

Hoophouse production can often by heavily reliant on transplant production.  With proper management a hoophouse can have 3 or more rounds of crops per year in the hoophouse.

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