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A look around the MSU Student Organic Farm

written by Adam Montri on 26-Mar-12 14:54

Written by Laura Haselhuhn, Photos: Laura Haselhuhn

Here are some photos from a visit to the MSU Student Organic Farm I made last week.

Hoophouse Depreciation in 7 easy steps!

written by Adam Montri on 17-Mar-12 15:52

By Laura Haselhuhn

This blog post will explain depreciation and how to use it for decision making and comparing crop profitability in just seven easy steps.

Depreciation is spreading the cost of a large item

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Cucumbers in the Hoophouse

written by Adam Montri on 13-Mar-12 11:22

A Summer Hoophouse Crop Worth Considering

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Cucumbers are an excellent choice to consider for a summer hoophouse crop.  Cucumbers are a quick crop, and their timing fits very well with a crop schedule that has 3 crops in the hoophouse each year.

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Hoophouse Map

written by Adam Montri on 09-Mar-12 16:14

Written by Laura Haselhuhn

Let's keep the hoophouse map filling up, we are at 28, let's make it to 30 hoophouses!  The website has been a bit grumpy lately an

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Marketing Tips For Hoophouse Produce

written by Adam Montri on 09-Mar-12 16:03

Written by: Laura Haselhuhn, Photo Credit: Laura Haselhuhn

Can you believe that in a few short months we'll be harvesting tomatoes in the hoophouse? It's been a mild winter here in Michigan, and just this week we had a

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Setting Prices for Hoophouse Produce

written by Adam Montri on 08-Mar-12 13:56

Written By Laura Haselhuhn

How does a farm determine prices to charge for hoophouse produce?

Determining what price to charge for each crop is one of the most important aspects of running a farm as a business.

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Hoophouse Visits

written by Adam Montri on 06-Mar-12 09:39

Written by Laura Haselhuhn, Photos taken by Laura Haselhuhn

Work took us to two farms this past Friday.  The first located outside of Kalamazoo, unfortunately I left my camera in the car, so I’ll do my best to describe what was growing on. 

The farm had multiple hoophouses, one was in a cover

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