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Michigan added to USDA NRCS Hoophouse Pilot Project

written by Adam Montri on 26-Jan-10 01:53
As you may know, the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) has added hoophouses as an eligible practice under the EQIP program. 38 states had enrolled in the program, but Michigan was not one of them. But, a few weeks ago, Michigan NRCS decided that they would be a part of this program.
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Ordering Seed

written by Adam Montri on 11-Jan-10 02:05
We spend a lot of time talking and answering questions about ordering seed. These include where to find seeds, which crops and cultivars to grow, and how much seed to order. These can all be tricky to figure out, but let's tackle them one at a time.
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Prepping Beds

written by Adam Montri on 06-Jan-10 02:10

Below is a picture of a recently prepped (right) and a to-be prepped (left) bed. These had carrots in them that have already been harvested out this winter and tomatoes before that.

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Happy New Year...Now Let's Get That Hoophouse Ready to Plant

written by Adam Montri on 05-Jan-10 02:48
So it's another New Year and I'm sure a lot of us have made the resolution we make every year about the farm.
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